Auto detailing and paint protection

Simply put, window tinting involves the application of a thin, coloured film onto the specified windows in your vehicle. Depending on the volume of windows being tinted, the process only takes a few hours and can often be done alongside other services we offer in the shop. Perhaps you’re thinking about getting your windshield replaced but want your side windows tinted as well? No problem- we can certainly work to save you that extra trip and accommodate your schedule!

Window tint comes in many different shades and one of our staff members will happily help you choose the tint that suits your needs perfectly. We even have samples displayed in our front office that demonstrate the different shades and how they look when applied to glass. You can customize which windows you want the application on and we even offer additional sun shade tinting on windshields!

Reasons why window tinting will improve your personal experience with your vehicle:

  • Window tint provides protection against damaging UV rays.
  • Your vehicle will have extra protection against the harsh, summer heat as tinting keeps the interior cooler. You won’t have to worry about keeping windows cracked to let the heat escape while you’re away from your vehicle. Added bonus- you and your family won’t experience any more seat belt burns from the heat!
  • Tinting offers more privacy- strangers will have difficulty looking in on the interior of your vehicle. That increased sense of security can help put your mind at ease.
  • Window tinting can transform the look of your vehicle to make your ride appear more luxurious and stylish while offering the benefits listed above. What an easy way to commute comfortably!

Window tinting is not only limited to automotive applications, however. Window tint can be applied to residential and commercial buildings to help with light, heat and UV ray management. You might be surprised by the positive changes window tinting can make in your life! 


Tint care and instructions

After your windows are tinted, simple care will keep the film in optimal condition and extend the life of the product:

  • If your windows have been newly tinted in your vehicle, please do not roll down those windows for 5 days after the tint has been applied. This period gives the tint the full opportunity to dry and adhere to the window properly.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners or materials on the tinted windows.
  • To clean your tinted windows properly, use a mild soap and water solution with a clean, soft cloth or a synthetic sponge. Easy!

If you want more information on window tinting, or wish to book this service, please call our office and speak to one of our staff members. 


Paint protective film (PPF)

Paint protective film (PPF) is a clear plastic film that is applied to exterior of your vehicle. It protects the areas of your vehicle that are vulnerable to paint damage from debris while driving. This clear film comes in both high gloss and matte finish and each application is totally customizable to the needs of the client.

Reasons why PPF would be an excellent choice for your vehicle:

  • PPF is the ultimate in automotive paint protection. It completely replaces the need for bulky protective accessories like a car “bra” while keeping your vehicle looking sleek and stylish.
  • This completely clear film will never discolour your paint.
  • The innovative, low surface energy topcoat increases stain resistance and product longevity by limiting water and dirt accumulation on the film’s surface.
  • PPF protects the paint on your vehicle from the usual wear & tear related to road debris, salt corrosion, minor scratches and the other unavoidable aspects of commuting.
  • Applying PPF to your vehicle can help save you money on paint touch-ups. This is a very affordable, easy way to protect one of the most expensive items you own.

The application can often be done alongside other services in our shop! However, the time required for the service varies with each customized application.  


Proper care and maintenance of PFF

After you have applied PPF to your vehicle, there are a few things you should do to maintain the life of the product.

  • There is a brief curing period of 3-5 days after PPF has been applied to your vehicle. During this period, do not wash or wax your vehicle. However, if the average daily temperature is below 12 degrees Celsius, do not wash or wax your vehicle for 7-10 days after the PPF installation.
  • Following the curing period, frequent washing, cleaning and waxing is recommended. To properly clean PPF, simply hand wash with a soap and water solution. Wax once or twice per year with a non-abrasive wax for added protection and to maintain the film’s gloss. To prevent the product lifting, avoid automatic car washes, or spraying the film edges with a high-pressure water stream. If you wish to use a pressure washer on the PPF, it is recommended to keep the nozzle at least 15 inches away from the film.

If you have questions about this service, or wish to book your vehicle in for PPF, please call our office and speak to one of our staff members visit us in Lethbridge, Alberta.