Our Philosophy

Within Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited, we offer you our experience, our hearts, and our reputation. We are a locally owned and operated small business and want to offer the public something unique. Something that can not be bought with money. What we have to offer is high quality OEM glass and excellent customer service.

Our team has decades of experience in the glass industry, and our service technicians are trained on the latest technology. We have also been trained in Opti Aim, this refers to the calibration of your sensors such as: Lane departure warning system.

The goal within Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited is to give you, our customers, the highest quality service, and that we will go above and beyond. We believe that all our customers deserve the best quality of service as you are our greatest asset, and we treat you as such.

Rest assured that when you leave Benchmark Glass you will have nothing to worry about. Our focus on quality, and service sets us apart from the rest, and our honesty and integrity is above all.

About the Owners

My customers personally believe in the expertise and service that I provide. They leave here knowing they are in safe hands.

“My customers personally believe in the expertise and service that I provide. They leave here knowing they are in safe hands.”

Ron LeClair

“The Janitor”


Ron LeClair is the founder and CEO of Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited. He has been in the Glass industry since 1993. In 1995 Ron opened Standard Auto Glass and moved up the ranks quite quickly when he was appointed Regional Director. Ron stayed with Standard Auto Glass/ Speedy Glass until 2007 when he had made the choice to start his own company, Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited which he has operated very well for the past 13 years. Ron oversees all avenues of his business and still maintains a hands-on approach. This man will jump right in with his staff and work along side them. The Janitor is very well liked among his staff and Ron always does his best to make them all feel important. Not only does he take the time with staff, but he also takes the time and puts forth the extra effort to assist his customers as always, they always come first. The customers are what makes his business possible and if he can help you, he will do all he can to achieve this. Like he says, “you are our greatest asset.”

Ron grew up in a small fishing village in North Rustico, PEI and lived on a farm with his parents and siblings. Ron moved here in 1995 looking for new and exciting opportunities. One thing that has not changed is his love for seafood, and he will travel to get it! Talk about addicted. Ron enjoys spending time on the water boating and having a few laughs. One of his favorite places to travel is Hawaii, loves the sun & fun. Ron is a well-rounded man in both his business life and his personal life but watch out, he is quite the jokester! Anything for a laugh. You can now follow Benchmark Glass on Facebook, have a look and leave your comments.



“Productivity is never an accident. It is the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

Kevin Bischke

“The Chef”

Branch Manager/Owner

Kevin Bischke started with Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited back in 2008. He has been the branch manager/owner in the Lethbridge, AB location for 12 years where he has successfully helped the company grow and continues to do so daily. Kevin started out in this industry as an assistant manager for Standard Auto Glass back in 1996 up until 2002 when he was promoted to Store manager. Kevin managed the store up until 2006. When Standard Auto Glass merged with Speedy Glass Kevin was promoted to branch manager which he did successfully for 2 years. With Kevin’s knowledge and achievements, he was the perfect fit for Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited. Kevin takes care of the daily operations to keep everything running smoothly. He believes that in order to do this, you need good team building skills which he implements among his staff daily. Kevin’s service, quality and reputation is what makes him a valuable player in this industry. He likes to help people and make sure they are satisfied with the service they receive. Kevin takes great pride in his leadership and commitment to Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited. So much so that it shows in his daily life. His honesty, and integrity are above all else. With all Kevin’s accomplishments, it gives him great pleasure and enjoyment to see his customers leave with a smile, not just in his professional life but in his personal life as well.

Kevin grew up in Didsbury, AB where he met his wife. Together, they moved to Lethbridge, AB where they continue to reside with their family and friends. Kevin’s greatest passion in his life is his wife of 22 years, his 4 children, and his 2 grandchildren. Kevin enjoys spending time with his family. He also enjoys camping and fishing and if you are looking for a fabulous cook, well man can this guy cook, we should just call him “Chef Kevin.” Kevin has a great personality and a great big heart. You cannot help but like him, he will always do what he can to help you.



Mario Godreau

“Building a great experience with your customers, will help spread the word and this word will be the most powerful word in your business.”

Mario Godreau


Branch Manager/Owner

Mario Godreau is the Branch manager/owner of the Edmonton location. Mario has been with Benchmark Glass & Mirror Limited since 2009, 11 years and counting. Mario has been in the glass industry since 1978 with his many years of experience in the glass industry he has proven himself to be quite the asset to the company and to his community. Mario takes care of the daily operations in the Edmonton location, knows his customers well, and has helped to grow the business both financially and personally as a manager. Mario is a firm believer that the customer is the most important part of his job. He takes the time to get to know the needs of his customers and does all he can to make sure they leave his store satisfied and proud. Mario also takes great pride in helping people. Make no mistake Mario is a stellar person. He is very personable, honest, and a dependable man. Mario moved here from a small town, Grand Falls, New Brunswick as a young man. Mario is very outdoorsy. One of his favorite past times is Hunting. He also enjoys camping and fishing with family & friends. Mario’s greatest treasures are his grandchildren, who he loves to spend time with and teach them all he can about life. Nothing is more important to Mario than family.